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What Is Family-Based Immigration?

Family-based immigration is when a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident petitions for their immediate family member to obtain some type of immigration status, and it has served as the primary basis for legal immigration to the US for centuries. According to the National Immigration Forum, family ties still account for about 65 percent of all legal immigration cases today.

A U.S. citizen who is over the age of 21 can file an immigrant visa petition for a spouse, an unmarried son or daughter, a parent, or a sibling; while a lawful permanent resident can file for a spouse or an unmarried son or daughter. In most cases, the immigration petition filed by a sponsor is for a green card.

The Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) allows for two types of family-based immigration visas in the United States: immediate relative and family preference. The number of immediate relative visas is not limited each year, while the number of family preference visas, which can be given to more distant family relations, is limited (meaning there is often a waiting period for those who apply).

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Attorney Patrick Long Is Here to Answer Frequently Asked Family-Based Immigration Questions

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Attorney Patrick Long Helps to Unite Families Through Family-Based Immigration

Applying to sponsor a relative involves a huge amount of paperwork, including ISCIS forms, as well as fees and civil documents to show proof of birth and marriage. The process has no set timeframe and can easily overwhelm families who attempt to adjust a relative’s status on their own. The best way to ensure your petition is strong and that all the necessary paperwork and documentation is filed correctly is to hire a qualified family-based immigration attorney.

Our legal team at the Patrick Long Law Firm assists families in building strong petitions for family immigration visas and preparing for their interview at USCIS offices or U.S. consulates. We are here to support you and your loved ones through any issue that may arise during your adjustment of status process.

Family-Based Immigration Attorney for Dorchester, MA

Since 2014, Family-Based Immigration Attorney Patrick Long has been dedicated to serving the community of Dorchester, MA, by helping families navigate their immigration issues and achieve their dreams. Mr. Long knows that the outcomes secured by a family-based immigration lawyer can irrevocably change the lives of entire families—for better or for worse, and he keeps these families as the focus of all of his work. He aims to help each client understand their options, what will be required of them during the process, and what potential challenges they may face.

Our legal team at the Patrick Long Law Firm is ready to assist you and your relative through your family-based immigration case with the compassionate guidance every single family deserves. We want to take some of the stress out of the process for you and help you to avoid unnecessary delays.

If you’re interested in obtaining a family-based immigration visa, contact us today to schedule your initial case evaluation to see if family-based immigration is right for you and your family.

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