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ImmigrationSince discovering a passion for helping people navigate the intricacies of immigration law, Attorney Patrick Long has helped thousands of people achieve their lifelong goals. At Patrick Long Law Firm, PC, we take court-appointed cases for the following immigration-related situations:

  • Deportation/Removal Defense- If you’re being threatened with deportation, our firm can help you defend your case in immigration court. We’ve litigated hundreds of cases. Attorney Patrick Long has a strong background in criminal law should your deportation case involve a criminal offense.
  • Family-Based Immigration- Our firm can provide expert legal counsel and help you prepare for your interview if you’re seeking a US Immigration Visa or Green Card through family sponsorship or if you’re petitioning on behalf of someone else.
  • Employment-Based Immigration- Our firm can advise businesses or individuals on employer compliance issues to recruit talented employees from around the globe.
  • Asylum- Our firm can help file political asylum applications for immigrants and refugees who fear persecution in their home country.
  • Bond Hearings- Our firm can provide representation in requesting a reconsideration after Immigration and Customs Enforcement issues a high bond or has denied bond.
  • DACA- Our firm can assist you with renewal requests and other Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) matters. DACA does not automatically grant you citizenship, but it can protect you from the immediate threat of deportation.
  • U Visa- The U nonimmigrant status is reserved for victims of certain crimes whose knowledge might be useful to law enforcement or government agencies. Our firm can help protect your rights under a U Visa.
  • Citizenship- Our firm can advise you on the requirements for naturalization. Because so many exceptions can apply in immigration law, it’s important to first consult with an attorney to make sure you qualify.
  • Appeals- If your immigration case has been denied, our firm can assist with the lengthy appeals process.

Immigrants in Dorchester, MA, and the surrounding area can rely on our firm for comprehensive representation, informed guidance, and unwavering support through their legal issues. Immigration law is complex and constantly changing, causing many families to feel overwhelmed by the bureaucracy of the process, but Immigration Attorney Patrick Long is here to help every step of the way.

Whether you’re being threatened with deportation or trying to build a strong petition for a family-based visa, the Patrick Long Law Firm is here to take the weight from your shoulders and position your case for success. Attorney Patrick Long can advise on eligibility criteria and guide you through the entire process for a variety of immigration cases.

More Information:

Attorney Patrick Long Is Here to Serve You By Answering Frequently Asked Immigration Questions

How Is USCIS Dealing With Refugees Fleeing Afghanistan to Settle in the U.S.?

For people who are in Afghanistan or have fled recently, it is unclear how United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is handling these refugees. There is a process in place for special immigrant visas for Afghans who worked for the U.S. government for at least two years.

This process requires the refugee to go through the embassy in Kabul and provide proof of the work history with the U.S. Several factors are preventing this process from working: the embassy is closed, what embassy records hadn’t already been destroyed are now in the hands of the Taliban, and Afghans are unable to contact Americans that they worked with. Read More

What Is Humanitarian Parole as It Relates to Afghan Immigrants Seeking Safety in the U.S.?

Humanitarian parole is a process applied for through U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. If granted, the government allows you to come into the country temporarily for humanitarian reasons. This status is typically granted for a year, but oftentimes for two if requested. Humanitarian parole is a broad catch-all category of people that do not have eligibility or have yet to apply for any kind of permanent status to reside in the United States. Read More

How Is USCIS Dealing With the Influx of Haitian Refugees Coming to the U.S.?

As a result of the President of Haiti being assassinated, the United States has expanded eligibility for temporary protected status for Haitians in the U.S. However, if you are in Haiti now, it doesn’t do you any good; it is only for Haitians who were already in the U.S. at the time of the new deadline. Read More

What Are My Chances Of Getting An H1B This Year?

It is impossible to predict that. Overall, about 40-50% of H-1B petitions are selected in the lottery and about 90% of those are ultimately approved. But it will vary with your circumstances. Certain employers are cap-exempt and their petitions are not required to go through the lottery. Additionally, there are actually two separate caps, one for positions requiring a master’s…Read More

Can I Sponsor Myself For The H-1B Visa Category?

You cannot sponsor yourself for an H-1B. Even a partial ownership stake in your employer may prevent them from sponsoring you if it is significant enough to interfere with the conventional employer-employee relationship. However, you may qualify for other options, such as an EB-1, EB-2 NIW, EB-5, or O visa, depending on your specific circumstances…Read More

Can My Child Who Was Born In The US Petition For My Wife’s Green Card?

US citizens who are 21 years of age or older can petition for their parent’s spouse to get a green card if the parent married the spouse before the child turned 18. If no other options exist and deportation proceedings are ongoing, then a child younger than 21 may qualify you for cancellation of removal, which is a special way of getting a green card through the immigration court…Read More

What Happens At A Bond Hearing?

At a bond hearing, a judge makes a decision about whether or not bond will be set, and what the amount or any special conditions will be. This type of hearing is very different than a criminal bail hearing, and no one should go into it expecting to be treated fairly. No one should attend this meeting alone or unprepared, even if they are familiar with criminal standards…Read More

What Documents Do I Need When Applying For Permanent Residency For A Relative?

In order to apply for permanent residency for a relative, an individual will need proof of their status as a US citizen or permanent resident of the US, proof of the relationship, passport style photos, and proof of the relative’s status in the US (e.g. green card). Proof of the nature of the relationship can be easy if the relative is a mother or child, since a birth certificate should suffice…Read More

Helping People Immigrate Is Our Passion

Immigration law is riddled with injustices and intricacies. Don’t try to represent yourself in a system that’s not designed to support you. Trying to handle matters on your own often leads to delays, case dismissals, and in the worst scenarios, deportations. Whether you’re adjusting your status, applying for citizenship, sponsoring a family member, or fighting deportation, hiring an experienced immigration attorney is the safest way to ensure your goals are realized.

Immigration Attorney With Integrity and Experience for Dorchester, MA

Since 2014, Immigration Attorney Patrick Long has been dedicated to serving the community of Dorchester, MA, by helping people navigate their immigration issues and achieve their dreams. Mr. Long knows that the outcomes secured by an immigration lawyer can irrevocably change the lives of clients and their entire families—for better or for worse, and he keeps these families as the focus of all of his work. He aims to help each client understand their options, what will be required of them during the process, and what potential challenges they may face.

Our legal team at the Patrick Long Law Firm is ready to assist you through your immigration case with the compassionate guidance every single person deserves.

Patrick Long Law Firm, PC.

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